Nart Dental Clinic the best of Spain for GCR
25 May 2016

Nart Dental Clinic the best of Spain for GCR

Normally, you know the quality of a hotel depending on the numbwe of stars it has. But, what about if you want to know the quality of a doctor or a dental clinic? Is there any kind of evaluation for that? In fact, there is a ranking that can help patients to discover how good is a doctor. Thanks to GCR (Global Clinic Rating) it is possible to assure if a medical center is suitable for you.gcr

This week, GCR has launched his annual ranking and, DR. Nart, specialist dentist in Barcelona, is at the top of the dental Clinics in Spain. This announcement demonstrates that the dental clinic run by Dr. Jose Nart is one of the best in the country. The GCR rating is based in 4 pillars to rank the doctors and their clinics or Hospitals: facilities provided to the patients, expertise of the doctor and the patient feedback. Moreover, the results are created and applied to a wide range of clinics throughout the world.

GCR has evaluated more than 100 dental clinics throughout Spain and Nart Dental Clinic Barcelona has named at the top. For this reason, we are pleased to inform to our new and current patients this prestigious accrediation.

Equipo Nart Clínica Dental

Todos los doctores, dentistas, odontólogos y especialistas de la clínica dental Nart cuentan con una dilatada experiencia en el mundo de la odontología. Además, también se han desarrollado con formación especializada y, en muchos casos, compaginan su actividad profesional en la clínica con actividad docente en Universidades o con la publicación en medios de prestigio nacionales e internacionales.


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