Why have I the retiring gums?
27 Jul 2018

Why have I the retiring gums?

The retiring gums or recession of gums agree one of the problematic most assiduous in what concerns dental health. This pathology must treat about suitable form, not only for reasons related to the aesthetics but to avoid more serious problems as future recession compromising the forecast of the tooth.

Principal reasons of the retraction of the gums

1. Graze of the gums like consequence of a brushed evil

The fact of the teeth brushing itself using a hard brush  you last and realizing “aggressive” movements it can derive to the destruction of the fabric that shapes the gum and provoke a recession gingival.

In these cases, one is in the habit of proceeding to modify initially the technology of oral hygiene and later to the placement of a graft of gum that has for purpose cover the root or affected roots. Once overcome the treatment, the aspect of the gum must be the habitual one.

2. Periodontal disease

The Periodontitis they are in the habit of being the mainspring retraction of the gums. We can distinguish two diseases depending on the evolutionary condition in which the patient is:

  • Gingivitis: known also as inflammation of the gum, it shapes the slightest stadium inside the diseases periodontales. It is accustomed to be a bacterial affection that provokes the inflammation and the bled one of the same ones. With the passage of time, if it does not treat itself, the disease will produce a gradual downswing of the gum that, in consequence, will increase the probability of suffering loss of gum and bone, already in periodontits. In this stadium it is when the recession of the gums will be caused.

In Nart Clínica Dental Barcelona we think that it is important to alert our patients since we speak about a very frequent disease between the adults, affecting 90 % of the population.

We recommend that when they start noticing the first symptoms (principally bled dental during the brushed one) come to our consultation to realize a review and to initiate the treatment.

  • Periodontitis: it is the disease that continues to a not treated gingivitis. It has different stadiums, but, in the most advanced it is where there takes place a loss of bone that might finish with the loss of the tooth.

3. Gums damaged as consequence of  bad orthodontics

The orthodontics and the movement of the teeth does not have why to provoke a retraction of the gum, but if they are positioned out of the bony structure they increase the probabilities of which the recession takes place.

4. Consumption of tobacco 

The smoking can suppose the loss of gum due to the fact that the components of the tobacco block the blood irrigation in the mouth cavity and concern negatively the system inmunitario, facilitating the action of bacteria and external agents and provoking the advance of the disease periodontal.

Factors of risk for the retraction of the gums

There exist several factors that affect directly in the health of our gums:

  • Hygiene: a correct dental hygiene can help us undo of the plate accumulated in the teeth, avoiding the formation of deposit and eliminating this way, one of the principal reasons of Retraction of the gums.
  • Genetic factorsthere exist persons more inclined to suffer some type of disease periodontal, whereas others it is possible that they do not take a correct hygiene and that on the contrary they do not meet affected.
  • Tobacco: as we have commented previously on the tobacco it is different of the factors of risk that they affect to the health in general and specifically to the gums.
  • Thickness of the gum and bone: when the fabrics of support of the teeth are thin the risk of recession is very much major. The majority of Caucasian patients have biotipos or thin gums.


Dr. José Nart Molina

Dr. Jose Nart Molina is a specialist in periodontics and dental implants. He has a degree in Dentistry from the UIC (2006) He also has a doctorate in Dentistry from the UIC, certified in periodontics and implants by the University of Tufts University (2007), accredited by the European Federation of Periodontology, Vice President of the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration and Vice Dean of Research.


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