What is Dental aesthetics?

    Regardless of how well you care for your teeth, it is inevitable that, over time, some yellowing or discoloration will occur. This gradual change can be caused by aging, substances that stain your teeth (such as coffee, tea, red wine, or tobacco), excessive fluoride, or the deterioration of a tooth’s nerve. A tooth whitening treatment can be performed either as an at-home, dentist-supervised process, or in the dentist’s chair.

    While neither of these methods stops future discoloration, these treatments bring about whiter teeth and help create a more vibrant smile.


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      Techniques such as orthodontics, dental whitening, aesthetic fillings or porcelain veneers have undergone an evolution, oriented towards aesthetics, to meet the current demands of the population. Nowadays it is possible to carry out everything from simple tooth whitening to the complete replacement of all teeth using implant techniques.

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