15 Aug 2022

What is SEPA?

SEPA The Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration, or also known as SEPA, is an organization where dental health professionals and citizens are teached, aware, informed and trained on issues related to periodontics and implantology.

SEPA has a firm commitment to science and research, prevention and promotion of oral and general health, being at the forefront of innovation in implant therapy and the application of regeneration techniques.

SEPA’s history

The different associations of dentists were born at the fifties, when the only center of reference for the training and learning of dentists was the Stomatology School of Madrid.

This society (SEPA) emerged in 1959 with Dr. Fonesca as its first president and at that time, SEPA depended by regulation on the General Council of Dentists and Stomatologists of Spain and established as its objective:

  • Unite the individual activities of professionals interested in parodontology, facilitating and structuring scientific training and exchanging experience and personal research.
  • Carry out dissemination and teaching work between the dental and stomatological profession and the general public.
  • Maintain scientific relations with similar organizations in other countries.

What does SEPA?

In order to meet the established objectives, scientific meetings, conferences, advanced courses, case presentations and publications in the professional press were organized and continue to be organized.

Thanks to the good functioning of the organization, more and more professionals wanted to be part of it, so they signed up for this association and the first partners began to appear, causing SEPA to grow.

Sociedad Española de Periodoncia y Osteointegración

Board Members

The board of directors of the company, which is responsible for managing and administering for 3 years, is chaired by Dr. José Nart, Doctor Odontology and Professor from the UIC, International University of Catalonia, certified in Periodontics and Implants, Tufts University, Boston, USA and Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry with Dr. Paula Matesanz as Vice President.

The old board of directors that was in charge from 2019-2022 was chaired by Dr. Antonio Bujaldón and Dr. José Nart as vice president.

Courses & Events

This group of dentists prepares an annual congress where its members attend to catch up on the latest advances in the field of periodontics and continue training as professionals, one of the main objectives of SEPA.

Apart from this annual congress, SEPA encourages the continuous training of its members by offering different courses from periodontics and implantology courses, oral hygiene courses and even courses on health management.

In addition, it offers a guide for clinical practice, clinical periodontics, making all dentists use the same characteristics to be able to make the correct diagnosis of patients, also facilitating communication between dentists.

These clinical practices are updated according to new discoveries and are being improved. Apart from focusing on clinical practice, it also focuses on the field of research, holding scientific meetings.

In recent years, the young SEPA congress has appeared, for recent graduates or dentistry students so that they can begin to enter the field of periodontics


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