28 Jun 2018

The future of a dental clinic

The dental sector must be aware that global communication is not only for large corporations, brands or franchises and that the main axis of the business must always be: a perfect treatment and a patient experience of ten in the dental clinic.

Experts indicate that digitalization is inevitable both in the field of action of the dentists themselves and in improving the patient’s experience.

The digital age allows dentists to diagnose accurately and adequately each of the pathologies of a patient while it can solve them more quickly, accurately and avoiding discomfort in patients, but …

How do we imagine the clinic of the future?

Words such as virtual reality, augmented reality, multisensory or environmental effects are what sound like trends in the sector in the not too distant future.

Some examples of use of these new technologies:

The processes in which augmented reality techniques are used would facilitate both operational processes and training issues. As with virtual reality, they would  collaboration between doctors and exchanges of experiences from a distance.

Some experts even talk about the potential of the Google Glass through which the dentist could receive precise instructions such as the dental surgical checklist. They would also allow taking pictures, videos or surfing  internet, so they could retransmit an operation in real time.

Otro claro ejemplo de nueva tecnología serían las impresiones 3D. El software proporcionado permite al odontólogo obtener unas imágenes digitales en 3D de alta precisión que permiten ofrecer tratamientos de alta calidad. Entre estos tratamientos se encuentran: el diseño de prótesis o técnicas enfocadas a la mejora del área de la estética dental.

Another clear example of new technology performance would be 3D printings. The software provided allows the dentist to obtain digital images in high resolution 3D for  high quality treatments. Among these treatments are: the design of prostheses or techniques focused on improving the area of ? dental aesthetics.

The use of virtual reality glasses in patients can be very useful to treat problems of panic or phobia to the dentist, as well as facial recognition applications that can help to monitor craniomandibular dysfunction or improvement exercises.

In this line we would also include multisensory effects that would include both aromatic sensations or lighting themes focused on improving the patient’s experience at the dental office.

There are some specialties in which we can already observe a great advance at a technological level, such as that of orthodontics. Invisalign, the leading brand in invisible orthodontics, provides invisible and removable aligners that must be changed periodically by new aligners until a perfect smile is obtained. Each of these aligners is customized specifically for your  case and specifically for your teeth. As the aligner is changed, the teeth will move periodically until they reach the position predicted by the orthodontist.

And … how is it possible to analyze the movements and make each of the removable plates? Through the use of a virtual treatment. Invisalign uses the technology provided by ClinCheck in which all the movements and rotations that the teeth will make during the entire treatment are shown. This technology  allows from the early beginning  how your mouth will look like at the end of the treatment.  

Besides offering excellent results, it provides many benefits to the patient, such as:

  • Removable: you can remove the aligners to eat, drink, brush your teeth or even if you have a very specific event.
  • Comfortable: unlike traditional orthodontics you avoid the appearance of mouth sores or irritations caused by wires.
  • Dental esthetics: it is totally transparent and at first glance it seems that you do not have anything.
  • Ease for dental hygiene.

And although the future and technology are getting closer, we must have in mind that beside we should not forget that continue training is mandatory for improving the level of efficiency for the  dental clinic in Barcelona. By clicking here you can meet the Doctors of Nart Dental Clinic in Barcelona, who bet on the continuous training of each of their team members.


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