How to stop periodontitis?
09 Apr 2021

How to stop periodontitis?

How to stop periodontitis? Periodontitis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that progresses with the loss of bone around the teeth, causing recession in the gums and eventually leading to tooth loss.

It is irreversible, so it is necessary to detect it as early as possible by the dentist or periodontist and treat it to stop it, which is possible.

The risk factors

In order to stop periodontitis, it is important to detect the risk factors at the systemic level that the patient presents, the two main factors currently known being:

diabetes and tobacco smoking.

These two factors play a fundamental role in the progression of the disease, so that the control of diabetes and the cessation of smoking are a determining pillar to stop the effects of periodontal disease and not lose more bone and teeth.


At the local level, it is important to follow excellent oral hygiene guidelines, since the bacteria that form every 12 hours are the ones that cause inflammation of the gums and bone loss, depending on each individual who has more or less genetic susceptibility to periodontitis.

The level of oral hygiene can be improved by incorporating simple changes in the tooth brushing technique, in addition to interdental brushes and preferably electric brushing.

The use of adjuvants such as mouthwashes can also help as long as the periodontist indicates it.

Finishing the treatment

After finishing the treatment, and once periodontal stability and health have been achieved with subsequent rehabilitation of the missing teeth with dental implants, if necessary, the course of the disease must also continue to be controlled in the phase called periodontal maintenance or recall therapy, whose responsibility lies in the periodontist and in his team of hygienists.

Visits are planned at individualized intervals for each patient, which can range from hygiene therapy and check-ups every 12 or 16 weeks (3 or 4 months) to once a year.


In conclusion, these guidelines are essential to stop the signs and symptoms of periodontitis. All of them are mainly based on the control of dental plaque and the patient’s own risk factors.

With an informed patient, good compliance with oral hygiene and adequate treatment, the changes are significant, and it is possible to stop periodontitis, as shown by 30-year follow-up studies, and maintain gum health in the most conservative and minimally invasive way possible.

Periodontics in Barcelona has an international benchmark such as Professor Jose Nart.

Dr. Nart is a well know periodontist in Barcelona and is exclusively dedicated to the treatment and research on periodontitis and gum infections.

Dr. Luis Nart Molina

Doctor Luis Nart Molina is a specialist in Prosthodontics and Dental Aesthetics. He has a degree in Dentistry from the UIC and certified in Advanced Prosthodontics. He has also trained at the Southern California University (Los Angeles) and is a member of the Spanish Society of Prosthetics and Stomatology (SEPES).


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