18 May 2021

The importance of going to the dentist with covid-19

Covid-19 has brought about many changes in our society, some of them in a positive sense, as it has made many people aware of the importance of health. Going to the dentist with Covid-19 has become a priority and rightly so.

It seems that the virus attacks people who have an underlying disease more insistently and more so if it has to do with inflammatory diseases.

With the pandemic it has become vitally important to visit the dentist and maintain good oral health care.

Why it is important to go to the dentist with covid-19

Patients with gum inflammation (periodontitis) are more likely to suffer from other diseases such as poorer control of diabetes, heart attacks and even premature births.

People who have suffered from severe periodontitis and have been infected by Covid have had a 9 times higher risk of dying and 3-5 times higher chance of being admitted to the ICU.

The reason is that the complications of Covid infection are inflammatory. That is, it produces an inflammatory response to fight the virus.

This is what happens with the inflammation of the gums, which is a response of our body in order not to lose our teeth.

Our body through the release of white blood cells makes them respond to inflammation by asking for more white blood cells from our body to defend itself against the virus or bacteria. A pro-inflammatory state is more likely to spread to other organs, which adds inflammation to the body and increases the risk of death.

How can periodontitis be treated?

Good hygiene by the patient (twice a day) and the removal of bacteria by the periodontist is enough to keep the gums healthy and reduce inflammation.

What are the dentists’ risks when dealing with Covid patients?

Dentists have a high risk of Covid-19 infection because they work about 35 centimetres away from patients’ mouths.

Despite being so exposed, the number of infected clinics and dentists is minimal. By taking the necessary measures to combat the virus, it is much easier to avoid infection.

In addition, the dentists, hygienists and assistants of  Nart Dental Clinic strictly use all the necessary protections such as FPP2 masks, gloves and face protection and, for the patient, a rinse with cetylpyridine chloride (CPC) at 0.05% or with chlorhexidine (CHX) before any intervention.

The active ingredient of CPC has been shown to highly reduce the viral load and thus reduce the likelihood of becoming infected by not keeping your distance.

“This more than proven safety, together with the importance of preventing inflammation, are powerful arguments to be very attentive while the pandemic lasts (and afterwards, of course) to oral health”. – Dr. Nart.


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