28 Sep 2017

What to do when you need a dentist in Barcelona?

Whether you are just visiting Barcelona or living here as an expat, facing a dental problem being abroad can be a very unpleasant and insecure situation. Being in this situation means you cannot visit your regular dentist in which you trust and that knows your medical history.

You will need to find a local dental clinic in Barcelona to help you out. Whether you are a tourist or an expat, we would like to share with you some guidelines you can use to choose the right dentist for you in Barcelona.


academic position dentist


1. Check dentist training and academic position:

Before attending a dentist clinic, it is very important to do some prior research. Check the qualifications of the dentist that will treat you and make sure he or she is properly registered and qualified as a dentist.

In Spain you can check if a dentist is registered officially. You can do this at the Dentistry College where you can ask about his or her qualifications. For example Prof. Dr. José Nart Molina is a Diplomate by American Board of Periodontology and he was trained at TUFTS University, Boston USA. In his case, you already know for a fact he speaks English, and his qualifications are acknowledged. By checking qualifications and academic positions, you can minimize the risk of experiencing negative situations.

The Dentistry College recommends you to always be assessed by a qualified dentist, so please check this before you receive a treatment plan and cost estimate.

We also recommend you to first speak to your own dentist, because he or she may be able to offer advice based on your dental history. Your dentist will also need to be aware of your plans in case of any complications. Besides, he might have a network in which he can recommend you a good dentist abroad. Nart Dental Clinic is well know and recognized dental clinic in Barcelona, its team of specialist dentists were trained at the USA and hold academic positions as well. Prof. Nart is the Chairman of the Periodontology and Implant Dentistry Department as well as Vicedean at UIC-Barcelona.

Another thing that is very important, is thinking of your aftercare: ensure you have proper documentation in English about your procedure in case you need follow-up treatment abroad.


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2. Dental clinic equipment and materials used

Always make sure you are helped in a clinic with the right equipment, this is very important. Nowadays technology is helping a lot of dentists to diagnose all kinds of diseases.

Before choosing the right clinic for you, have a look at how old the clinic is, how the facilities are, which surgical instruments they are using, if they have a special place for radiology with 3D CT equipment for diagnoses and safer treatments. Also check if they have equipment for having sedation, in case you need it. CAD-CAM is the cutting edge technology for prosthesis, implant dentistry and esthetics. Only a few dental clinics may have these equipment. Intraoral scanning is also the best for orthodontics and aligners such as Invisalign. Nart Dental Clinic in Barcelona uses it regularly.

Regarding dental implants, make sure they work with international brands that are recognized around the world, such as Straumann, considered today the 1st implant brand worldwide.


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3. Social recognition and reputation

Nowadays, recognition and reputation is easily achievable thanks to social media. That is why before you start a treatment abroad, do a little research on internet and try to find as much information you can on media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We also recommend to check the website of the dental clinic and doctors.

Usually on the websites there is a place where you can find the latest news, the conferences and courses where doctor participates. This is a trust indicator for a dental clinic.

Some dentists belong to independent organizations that give them a good reputation and guarantee a minimal level of quality. For example, Dr. José Nart belongs to an organization called TOP Doctors in Spain and Best Dental Quality Centers. These organizations rate independently the services of dentist, offering like this a trustworthy opinion about the dentist.

You can also find out more about a dental clinic through checking if they have certifications such as the Quality System Certification ISO 9001, the international recognition as a Fellow from ITI (International Team for Implantology) and if they collaborate with other communities or societies around the world.


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4. The opinions and reviews of patients and reviews

 A great way to find a good dentist is to listen to what people say about different dental clinics abroad. Have a look at Google reviews, independent media who rate dentist and the reviews on the website of the clinic. By doing this, you can get an impression on how the clinic is being experienced by former patients.

Reviews on a clinic made by independent third parties become a trustworthy source of information when looking for a dentist abroad.



5. Language used

 Dental issues can be already a big source of pain, and can be hard to explain even in your own language. Having to communicate those problems in a language you don’t (fully) speak is even worse.

When you are abroad and having the need to visit a dentist, it is very important to feel comfortable during this visit. Next to that, it is very important to be able to communicate correctly the problem you are facing.

That is why language is key when choosing your doctor. Make sure an English speaking dentist or a dentist with good level of English will assist you.

At Nart Dental Clinic we have Spanish, English and French speaking dentist in our team to be able to offer you the best dental care. If you wish to receive more information, feel free to contact us.




6. Insurance and health care

If you are living abroad as an expat, you most likely have a local insurance and access to the public health care. In this case, you might know that dental care is not included in the public health care in Spain.

But, when you are traveling, you might want to contact your insurance company before attending to a dentist service. Some travel insurance (or even regular insurance) may cover dental costs abroad.

As well, they might be able to put you in contact with an English-speaking dentist in the place you are visiting.


We hope these guidelines can help you when you face the problem of being abroad and in need of a dentist. If we can help you with any further question related to this subject, or if you are looking of an English-speaking dentist in Barcelona, please contact us.








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