What is dental decalcification?


28 May 2021

What is dental decalcification?

Dental decalcification, a very common pathology, is the loss of calcium in the teeth and a softening of the bone tissue in the mouth This weakening of the bones and ...
18 May 2021

The importance of going to the dentist with covid-19

Covid-19 has brought about many changes in our society, some of them in a positive sense, as it has made many people aware of the importance ...
21 Apr 2021

What is orthopantomography?

Orthopantomography or panoramic radiography is a radiological examination that allows you to study the teeth and the maxillary and mandibular alveolar bones This type of radiography allows you to ...
09 Apr 2021

What is the best children’s orthodontics?

As a parent you will surely ask yourself: Does my child need orthodontics? And if he or she needs it, what is the best children’s orthodontics? Children’s ...

How to stop periodontitis?

How to stop periodontitis? Periodontitis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that progresses with the loss of bone around the teeth, causing recession in the gums and eventually ...
09 Feb 2021

Periodontitis: All the keys to gum disease

What is periodontics? Periodontics is a speciality of dentistry that is the responsible for treating gum disease Many studies suggest that periodontitis ...
06 Apr 2020

Preventive measures that Nart Clínica Dental Barcelona establishes before COVID-19

Dear patients, Due to the current situation generated by the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19, Nart Clínica Dental Barcelona remains open for emergency dental treatments Our office complies with all the ...
26 Mar 2020


Tooth wear is defined as the progressive loss of hard dental tissue not caused by caries, trauma or developmental disorders The causes can be mechanical or chemical 
24 Mar 2020

Home remedies for toothache: do they really work?

Toothache is one of the illness that affects more often to your mouth In most cases, toothache arises almost spontaneously, causing you from small sensitivity when carrying out daily ...
23 Apr 2019

If I have gingivitis, will I have periodontitis?

Periodontal diseases are infectious disorders caused initially by bacteria Gingivitis is a non-destructive form of periodontal disease The inflammatory process in the gums and around the tissues surrounding the ...

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