28 Nov 2017

Is the powered toothbrush better than the manual?

The dental bacterial plaque or biofilm is directly implicated in the aetiology (cause) of caries, gingivitis and periodontitis and also, of mucositis and periimplantitis. It is for this reason that it is very important its elimination as prevention against these infectious diseases.

The ability to remove the bacterial plaque depends on different aspects such as the brushing technique used, the frequency, and duration of tooth brushing. It can certainly be achieved by the use of a manual brush or an electric one within these parameters.

Electric toothbrushes

The electric brushes were presented for the first time in the year 1960 although a Swiss watchmaker patented the first device in the year 1855. These brushes have been evolving over time and their operating mechanism has been changing. The first models had a forward and backward motion; later the action became rotary and more recently an augmented vibration frequency has been introduced. The latest technology applied to powered brushes is the oscillating-rotational-pulsating technology that incorporates the Oral-B.

Manual brushing in relation to powered brushes is equally valid and effective if carried out in an appropriate manner. For this reason, the brushing technique remains so important. Powered brushes are not all the same. The brushes with batteries are more economical but as the batteries are being spent the effectiveness of the brush decreases without the patient realizing it.

On the other hand, rechargeable brushes always maintain the same power. It is also important to know that the use of a power toothbrush does not guarantee proper oral hygiene if the technique is not adequate.

cepillo manual

How to brush your teeth properly?

Oral-B Brushes offer a number of features that help us brushing properly. First of all, we have the timer built into the toothbrush that alerts us every thirty seconds to control time. The proper brushing time should be at least thirty seconds per quadrant (quarter of the mouth) and this function of the electric brush helps us to comply. Another feature of these brushes is the possibility to use different brushing modes depending on the objective you want to achieve. Some examples would be the functions of daily cleaning, massage, and tongue cleaning…

On the other hand, they also have a visual and auditory pressure sensor that tells us when we apply too much pressure when we brush and thus avoid the possible trauma that could be carried out.

The latest novelty in the market in electric brushes is a free mobile application that allows us to obtain real-time information about our brushing with a position detection technology to orient the brushing and not to forget any area; in addition to ensuring that we spend enough time on each of them.

According to existing scientific evidence, the benefit of using a powered brush with oscillating-rotational-pulsating technology is superior to the benefit obtained with the use of a manual brush. In addition to this fundamental feature, all the advantages that we have been commenting that help the user to be able to comply with the times and the brushing technique.



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    Dr. Cosimo Galleti

    Dr. Cosimo Galleti is a specialist in Integrated Dentistry from the Universidad degli Studi di Messina (Italy). He has a master's degree in Integrated Dentistry in adults from the UB and is an associate professor at the UIC in the Department of Dentistry.


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