24 Mar 2020

Home remedies for toothache: do they really work?

Toothache is one of the illness that affects more often to your mouth. In most cases, toothache arises almost spontaneously, causing you from small sensitivity when carrying out daily tasks, eating or brushing teeth, to heavier and persistent pain that can accompany you throughout the days.

Whenever any pathology arises that affects the health of the mouth, general one and in a particular tooth, the main recommendation is to visit your dentist. However, toothache is usually characterized by appearing suddenly, therefore, sometimes we need a more immediate solution that, at least, allows us to continue leading normal lives until we can check it with a dentist.
It is in these cases when people often think of home remedies for toothache. It is enough to do a quick search on the Internet to find sites that recommend solutions of all kinds. From applying hydrogen peroxide directly to the tooth that causes pain, to chewing a garlic or rinsing with whiskey. But do these practices really work?

In our opinion, if the toothache is so strong that it forces you to seek relief before seeing your dentist, there are a number of habits and measures that you can do at home that will help to relieve tooth pain in the affected area.

1. Apply cold

It can be in the form of a cold compress, a damp cloth, or ice wrapped in cheesecloth. The format you choose, the idea is that you apply it to the affected face area. The cold will act as a local anesthetic, which will  relieve tooth pain  and also to reduce swelling and inflammation.  


2. Rinses with salt

It is known by all that salt has disinfecting properties, well, it will also help us in this situation to calm pain and, above all, reduce inflammation of the gums. The process is very simple, just add a couple of teaspoons of salt to a cup with warm water and rinse with the mixture. Above all, spit out the water, never swallow it. It is important that you choose warm water since both cold and hot can worsen the discomfort.

Do them several times a day and you will notice that the gingival tension is minimized.

3. A deep brush

It is the best home remedy. Both to prevent any ailment and to prevent any condition involving our mouth from going further. To deal with toothache, it is essential to increase and brush deeply your teeth. Clean them intensively after each meal, trying to get rid of any remaining food – especially around the area that causes pain. Flossing is a great relief in this situation.

In any case, you should keep in mind that these are temporary solutions until with your specialist. And it is that behind a toothache there can be multiple causes – a dental infection, a broken piece, a cavity, a wisdom teeth … – and identify which is the cause and avoid it, is essential for the health of your mouth.


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    Dra. Anaïs Ramírez Sebastià

    Dr. Anaïs Ramírez Sebastià is a specialist in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry. She holds a degree in Dentistry from the UIC, a PhD in Dentistry and a master's degree in Endodontics. She currently teaches as an associate professor at UIC in the Department of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Anaïs is also member of the Spanish Society of Endodontics and regularly publishes in national and international specialised journals.


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