BQDC (Best Quality Dental Centers)


Nart Dental Clinic has become part of the exclusive group of 40 dental clinics around Spain and Portugal called BQDC (Best Quality Dental Clinics). Moreover, Nart Dental Clinic accomplishes with the ISO normative (International Organization for Standardization) which guarantees the highest quality offered in a dental office. All these have been achieved with the aim of reaching the best way to help our patients improve their oral and dental health.

What is BQDC?

The goal of the strategic plan is to help building a brand of dental offices with prestige. A brand that stands out and awakes trust because of its capability of sharing coherence and veracity between the promise around the groups of interest and the experience that proposes.

We decided to join together to make a step forward and build a team of specialists of prestige in Spain and Portugal, who want to work together as a team and collaborate to reach an agreement on treatment protocols, interventional and behavioral experiences and share systems of practice management and communication.

We are a group of dental offices that work as an integrated team who combines the self-interest with the mutual interest in order to improve dentistry and be the best connoisseurs in our discipline.


BQDC corporate video

ISO 9001

Nart Dental Clinic reaches the ISO normative (International Organization for Standardization).

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the basis of the quality management system. Is an international normative that focuses in all the elements of quality management with whom a business should count in order to achieve an effective system that permits to manage and improve the quality of their products and services.

Nart Dental Clinic was certified with ISO 9001 as a dental office providing the best services and standard of quality. We are part of the best group to offer excellence in dental treatments with a very close, honest and familiar behavior. Therefore, Nart Dental Clinic fulfills with the ideal standards of quality in: sterilization, stockage and protocols with the goal of providing the best service and dentistry to our patients.

Nart Dental Clinic counts with specialists with backgrounds of a very strict and updated training and experience providing always dental services of maximum quality.

On our way to excellence!


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