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25 Aug 2015

Surgical clinical case


Patient discomfort with the esthetics because of the exposure of the roots in the anterior teeth. Patient complains is esthetics and sensitivity to cold.

After a non-invasive surgery we can bring the gingival tissue to it´s original position making a healthy and natural look of them.

Dr. José Nart Espinet

Dr. José Nart Espinet is a specialist in surgery and implants. He has a degree in surgery and medicine from the University of Barcelona (1980) with a specialization in stomatology. Likewise, he is also a member of the Spanish Society of Stomatology (SEPES), of the European Society of Dental Aesthetics (ESED), of the Spanish Society of Dental Aesthetics (AEED) and the Catalan Society of Odonto-stomatology. (SCOE)


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