Clinical cases dental rehabilitation

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04 Oct 2016

Clinical cases dental rehabilitation

First Case    A patient with severe bruxism and erosion has excessively worn down his teeth leaving small teeth Through a minimally ...
25 Aug 2015

Cases of dental aesthetics

First CaseIrene Tarazón, dentist specialising in dental aesthetics and dental prosthetics at Clínica Dental Nart Barcelona ...
09 Mar 2015

Clinical Case Dental Implants III

Dr José Nart, dentist specialising in dental implants in Barcelona, and his team of dentists specialising in dental aesthetics in Barcelona, ...
05 Aug 2013

Periodontics clinical case

35 year old patient with 6 mm recession on a lower central incisor after orthodontics therapy With a connective tissue graft ...
06 Aug 2010

Reendodoncy clinical case II

The patient came to the clinic for pain in the second quadrant She had a caries lesion in the distal ...
05 Aug 2010

Orthodontics and Orthopedics clinical case

12 years old patient with canine tooth included in the palate and skeletal/dental malocclusion Patient was treated with fixed orthodontics and fenestration ...
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