05 Mar 2018

Rocío Moreno, employee of the month by BQDC

In February 2018, Rocío Moreno, patient care manager of Nart Clínica Dental Barcelona, ​​was elected as February’s Best Employee  within the group of Best Quality Dental Centers (BQDC).

BQDC is an association of dental offices with a long career and many individual centers. The main goal of BEST QUALITY DENTAL DOCTORS is to have the highest quality and efficiency in all dental centers associated. Best Quality Dental Centers has more than 40 recommended dental offices throughout Spain and 10 in Portugal.
Its main goal is improve the quality of care of dental centers and improve the quality of communication with patients. In order to establish close relationship with patients, we may never forget that the patient is our priority  and all Nart Clinica Dental team has to make them feel comfortable. Going to the dentist  can be a complicated or tedious issue for patients, thererfore we must remind this premise.

Rocío Moreno has been selected as the employee of the month to reward her for her work and daily effort in Nart Clinica Dental.
With this initiative, the group is keen to encourage its members to promote and motivate their employees. Nart Clínica Dental team is asked to achieve a high level of performance and service. Rocío has managed to bring the dental clinic closer to this goal. Get a close, but professional, treatment that provides comfort to all patients.
Thanks to Rocio and her optimal communication skills Nart Clinica Dental’s aim would not be achieved.
We are grateful that Rocio is part  of Nart’s family.


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