Case 5 – Periodontics


07 Jun 2018

Case 5 – Periodontics

45-year-old patient with recession or loss of gum on the lower incisor teeth caused by thin gums and traumatic brushing Dr José Nart performed a minimally invasive tunnel technique ...

Case 4 – Periodontics

The patient presents with advanced periodontitis (pyorrhoea) in the right second premolar With periodontal regeneration treatment we can recover the lost bone as seen in the X-ray and thus ...

Case 3 – Periodontics

Periodontics is the speciality of dentistry that studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases or anomalies that affect the tissues that support the teeth The main periodontal diseases ...

Case 2 – Periodontivs

With a small and painless surgery we manage to lower the gum to its initial position with a natural appearance and as if nothing had happened before ...

Case 1 – Periodontics

35-year-old patient with significant recession of 6mm on a lower incisor after orthodontic treatment Covering of the recession with a connective tissue graft from the patient ...
09 Nov 2015

Periodontics clinical case V

Paciente de 45 años de edad con recesiones o pérdida de encía en los dientes incisivos inferiores causadas por tener una ...
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