Case 3 – Endodontics


07 Jun 2018

Case 3 – Endodontics

Dental trauma in an 8-year-old girl She came to our clinic with a fistulous tract in a central incisor Acute periodontitis with chronic abscess was diagnosed and was resolved ...

Case 2 – Endodontics

A 40-year-old patient came to the clinic with pain in a molar tooth Symptomatic irreversible pulpitis was diagnosed, which was resolved with treatment of the nerve (endodontics) and subsequent ...

Case 1 – Endodontics

The patient came to the clinic for pain in the second quadrant She had a caries lesion in the distal part of the first upper molar with an old ...
05 Aug 2010

Endodontic clinical case

Caries that affects the pulp, therefore we should remove the nerve and disinfect the root See in the image the treatment ...
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