Everything to know about dental implants by Dr. Nart

Dental implants

02 Nov 2020

Everything to know about dental implants by Dr. Nart

At Nart Dental Clinic Barcelona dental implants are placed by Professor Jose Nart Molina, a reference and opinión leader in implantology ...
07 Jun 2018

Case 1 – Dental implants

Dr José Nart, dentist specialising in dental implants in Barcelona, and his team of dentists specialising in dental aesthetics in Barcelona, successfully treat many patients who are rehabilitated with ...

Multiple Case 1 – Aesthetics, implants

This is the case of a patient who receives a dental trauma and as a consequence loses a tooth and fractures another one The nerve of the fractured tooth ...
30 Jul 2010

Dental Implant clinical case

Patient comes to our office with a horizontal fracture of the upper central incisor In most of the cases we like ...
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