Multiple Case 1 – Aesthetics, implants


07 Jun 2018

Multiple Case 1 – Aesthetics, implants

This is the case of a patient who receives a dental trauma and as a consequence loses a tooth and fractures another one The nerve of the fractured tooth ...

Case 5 – Aesthetics

Repositioning of the incisor fragment after dental trauma without pulp involvement ...

Case 4 – Aesthetics

A 66 year old patient came to Nart Dental Clinic who presented various destructive processes in combination with bruxism, and whose reason for consultation was to have ...

Case 3 – Aesthetics

Young 29 year old patient who comes to the Nart Barcelona dental clinic dissatisfied with her smile and dental aesthetics She is determined to seek a conservative and more ...

Case 2 – Aesthetics

A young 36 year old patient who came to Nart Clínica Dental Barcelona to improve her smile and dental aesthetics After explaining the different types of possible dental treatments, ...

Case 1 – Aesthetics

Irene Tarazón, dentist specialising in dental aesthetics and dental prosthetics at Clínica Dental Nart Barcelona has carried out an aesthetic dental treatment with ceramic veneers in the anterior sector ...
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