Clinical Case Conservative Dentistry II

Clinical cases

12 Jan 2021

Clinical Case Conservative Dentistry II

After removing the caries, we proceed to reconstruct the damage teeth It is important to isolate the area to be reconstructed from the rest of the mouth to avoid ...
02 Nov 2020

Everything to know about dental implants by Dr. Nart

At Nart Dental Clinic Barcelona dental implants are placed by Professor Jose Nart Molina, a reference and opinión leader in implantology ...
07 Jun 2018

Case 8 – Dental prosthesis

Patient treated with tooth extractions with poor prognosis and placement of a fixed metal-ceramic prosthesis on implants ...

Case 7 – Dental prosthesis

With a combined treatment of periodontics and prosthodontics we can change patients’ smiles This is a case in which we performed tooth whitening, implant-supported crowns, crowns on teeth and ...

Case 6 – Dental prosthesis

Patient with missing teeth in the posterior sector and who dislikes his anterior aesthetics To achieve their objectives we rehabilitate the posterior sector with prostheses screwed to implants and ...

Case 5 – Dental Prosthesis

Patient undergoing implant treatment in the posterior sector with the aim of changing his removable prosthesis In this way the patient can enjoy a fixed prosthesis that will allow ...
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