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04 Oct 2016

Clinical cases dental rehabilitation

First Case

caso rehabilitación oral



A patient with severe bruxism and erosion has excessively worn down his teeth leaving small teeth. Through a minimally invasive veneer treatment we were able to restore the necessary aesthetics and function. The patient can smile comfortably again.





Second Case

protesis dental



A patient who presents with a removable prosthesis and an asymmetrical smile undergoes an interdisciplinary treatment of implants, prostheses, endodontics and veneers with the aim of restoring the patient’s oral health and aesthetics.





Third Case

caso protesis dientes


A patient who comes to the clinic with a very compromised oral situation and a poor dental prognosis is surgically intervened with implants. Ceramic veneers are used in the anterior sector. The aesthetic and functional change of the patient is incredible.







Fourth Case



A patient with polycaries and old prostheses in very poor condition is treated with dental implants to which a zirconium and ceramic prosthesis is connected in order to improve oral health, aesthetics and function.






Fifth Case



Patient undergoing implant treatment in the posterior sector with the aim of changing his removable prosthesis. In this way the patient can enjoy a fixed prosthesis that will allow them to chew comfortably and offers much more support.






Sixth Case



Patient with missing teeth in the posterior sector and who dislikes his anterior aesthetics. To achieve their objectives we rehabilitate the posterior sector with prostheses screwed to implants and we change the anterior crowns by making new ones to the patient’s liking.






Seventh Case

With a combined treatment of periodontics and prosthodontics we can change patients’ smiles. This is a case in which we performed tooth whitening, implant-supported crowns, crowns on teeth and aesthetic composites. In addition, the periodontist helped in the dental treatment by doing a gum graft and crown lengthening of the teeth to achieve an adequate aesthetic and harmony.
Thanks to this treatment, the patient has improved his smile and above all, his confidence and self-esteem, which are related to an improvement in quality of life.

Patients with problems of dental aesthetics and dental health do not have to suffer, but come to Nart Dental Clinic for professional help and advice.

Nart Clínica Dental Team

All the doctors, dentists, odontologists and specialists at the Nart dental clinic have extensive experience in the world of dentistry. In addition, they have also developed with specialized training and, in many cases, combine their professional activity in the clinic with teaching activity in Universities or with publication in prestigious national and international media.


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