Clinical Case Dental Implants III
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09 Mar 2015

Clinical Case Dental Implants III


Dr. José Nart, dentist specialising in dental implants in Barcelona, and his team of dentists specialising in dental aesthetics in Barcelona, successfully treat many patients who are rehabilitated with dental implants in the anterior or aesthetic sector of the mouth. In this dental treatment in Barcelona that we show, the team of specialist dentists of Clínica Dental Nart Barcelona (Drs. Jose Nart, Irene Tarazón and Ramón Asensio), treated the agenesis or absence of the two upper lateral incisors. Both clinically and radiographically we can see that the results are really impressive. There is no bone loss around the implants and the soft tissues or gum, thanks to the presence of papilla or gum between implants, are perfectly adjusted to the prostheses placed. The osseointegration of the implant, the correct adaptation of the peri-implant tissues to the implant and the successful aesthetics of the crowns or caps have resulted in an unbeatable effect on the patient’s smile. Dental aesthetics can be achieved with dental implants when the patient is treated by specialist dentists in Barcelona. At Clínica Dental Nart Barcelona we guarantee a team of excellent dentists and the use of the best brand of implants in the world.



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