Cases of dental aesthetics
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25 Aug 2015

Cases of dental aesthetics

First Case

estetica dental caso clinico

Irene Tarazón, dentist specialising in dental aesthetics and dental prosthetics at Clínica Dental Nart Barcelona has carried out an aesthetic dental treatment with ceramic veneers in the anterior sector with an impeccable finish.

The veneers are in perfect harmony with the rest of the teeth, their presence being imperceptible thanks to the colour, tone, luminosity and transparency achieved, so difficult to achieve in the aesthetic area.

The soft tissues, gums, are correctly integrated into the restoration, healthy and well adapted, thus managing to resolve the challenge presented with admirable success. Teeth with veneers, carried out by dentists specialised in dental aesthetics in Barcelona, obtain an excellent aesthetic result.

Patient unhappy with the wear and colour of her teeth. We improve their condition and aesthetics with a bonded ceramic veneer treatment.




Second Case

estetica dental caso clinico carillas composite

A young 36 year old patient who came to Nart Clínica Dental Barcelona to improve her smile and dental aesthetics. After explaining the different types of possible dental treatments, she decided to have a dental whitening with trays or outpatient at home. This type of tooth whitening is effective, the whitening result is maintained or stable over time, and is very safe with the whitening products we use today at Nart Dental Clinic Barcelona.

After the tooth whitening treatment and after 15 days, two aesthetic restorations of resin or composite veneers were made.

With composite veneers we manage not only to improve the aesthetics of the smile and restore the function of her teeth, but they are also an alternative to crowns or caps and ceramic veneers, which require an additional economic cost from the laboratory.

Composite veneers improve the aesthetics of the patient’s smile in a more economical and conservative way, as the entire treatment was performed without having to grind or touch the tooth.



Third Case

estetica dental caso carillas de ceramicaYoung 29 year old patient who comes to the Nart Barcelona dental clinic dissatisfied with her smile and dental aesthetics. She is determined to seek a conservative and more aesthetic dental treatment.
The patient had old composite fillings that were filtered, poorly adapted and with changes in colour. After a dental whitening at Clínica Dental Nart Barcelona, the old fillings were removed and a minimal preparation was made for the veneers, in accordance with the most modern aesthetic dental treatments.
Ceramic veneers are a dental treatment option that allows the patient’s aesthetics and function to be restored in the most conservative way, preserving the patient’s natural enamel and with excellent and very aesthetic results over time. Nart Dental Clinic and its dentists in Barcelona are able to offer you the best dental treatments.



Fourth Case

estetica dental caso carillas feldespaticasA 66 year old patient came to Nart Dental Clinic who presented various destructive processes in combination with bruxism, and whose reason for consultation was to have whiter teeth. Among the different therapeutic options, there are classic treatments in which crowns are used, however in this case Dr. Ramón Asensio and Dr. Irene Tarazón decided to rehabilitate the patient’s anterior front with feldspathic veneers from 13 to 23, thus restoring the shape, position and natural function of the teeth in the anterior sector in a more conservative way.




Fifth Case

estetica dental caso clinico 2


Incisor fragment repositioning after dental trauma without pulp involvement.

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